Acustica Audio’s Cardinal is a powerful and versatile plugin that brings the sought-after sound of vintage hardware to the digital domain. With its high-quality sound, comprehensive processing tools, and user-friendly interface, Cardinal is an invaluable asset for any music producer, mixing engineer, or sound designer.

  • Analog Emulation: Cardinal features meticulously sampled emulations of classic analog hardware, capturing the warmth, depth, and character of vintage equipment.
  • Acqua Engine: Powered by Acustica’s Acqua Engine, Cardinal utilizes advanced convolution technology to accurately reproduce the sound and behavior of the original hardware units.
  • Presets: A variety of presets are included, providing instant access to professionally crafted settings for different mixing and mastering scenarios.


  • Mixing: Ideal for mixing engineers looking to add the analog warmth and character to their tracks. The EQ and compressors are perfect for shaping and balancing the mix.
  • Mastering: Cardinal’s precision tools are suitable for mastering, helping to achieve a polished and professional final mix with the desired tonal balance and dynamic control.
  • Sound Design: The rich, analog-like sound makes it a valuable tool for sound designers seeking to add depth and character to their audio creations.