As a multi-instrumentalist and engineer with a passion to understand and master.various instruments and techniques, Ali James has been making music since the 90s.In the mid-2000s, he became interested in electronics and music DSP, which led him to create many innovative plugins.In 2014, he founded Aly James Lab to share his unique software tools with the music community.

Description of included plugins

CLapTrap v1.3.0

80s Perfection Clap Machine:

Authentic and repetitive ensemble claps, never sounding the same twice.

The Clap Trap machine was designed to produce authentic and repeatable ensemble claps on your command.

It can also produce other sounds, such as percussive crackles and bursts of noise to impart a long decay to drums.

VSDSX v2.3.0

SDSV 80s Drum Brain:

Simmons 80s Drums SDSV The legend of analog drum synths is now in version V2.

Simmons’ hexagonal-shaped electronic drums were everywhere on countless recordings and live concerts in the 80s.

they were used by such artists and groups as Genesis, King Crimson, Jean Michel Jarre, Prince, Herbie Hancock, Pink Floyd, etc…