Audija KickDrum v1.3.0 VST3i x64

KickDrum – Precise Bass Drum Synthesis | A digital dancefloor beat is essentially
a sine wave oscillating from high to low – simply put.
But when it comes to shaping the pitch curve and leveling out certain ranges,
there’s an endless dimension of possibilities.
KickDrum was created to achieve maximum precision with an intuitive workflow,
exploring this dimension and aiming to achieve the desired sound in a short time.

✔️ Features
Phase zero crossing
The phase regulator allows you to fine-tune the zero phase crossing. For example, it can be placed at the end of a drum part to create a phase-accurate transition to the bass line.
The beat duration can be set relative to the rhythm grid or statically in milliseconds.
Free Bezier Curves
The point of attraction of Bezier curves can be freely adjusted along two axes for more precise shaping.
Full Navigation
Use the right mouse button to zoom and pan the waveform, decibel scale, pitch keypad or EQ, providing precise editing down to the sample.
One-Click WAV Export
Copies the current kickdown as a .wav file to the clipboard, allowing you to paste it anywhere.
Synthesizer-Integrated EQ
A full-featured, synthesis-integrated linear phase EQ applies its frequency response during synthesis, resulting in latency-free, DSP-driven EQ.
Rich Preset Browser
Create, rename, delete, tag, filter and sort presets or manage subdirectories with a full-featured preset browser.
Pitch curve points snap to the nearest note when needed, making key editing easy.

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