Vintage and warm.
Instead of using traditional digital oscillators, Polygrade uses signals recorded from hardware synthesizers. They are then recorded and decomposed using tape cassettes before being placed into Polygrade. Presets use various input samples designed to further enhance the sound of the tape.
Each sound in Polygrade passes through a series of analogue equipment. The final touch is a vintage tape cassette, giving it a rare unpredictability in software tools.
Warm sound palette. Transport yourself to a time before our own with rich synth tones, from pads to leads, bass and effects. Give your compositions the ultimate vintage charm – with four additional layers of noise to add, recorded at locations across London.
Truly unique. Polygrade offers a library of warm, distorted and inspiring sounds unlike those typically found in digital software synthesizers and DAWs.

✔️ Additional information
Presets built from real tape-processed synths.
Flexible control of filter, ADSR, envelope & FX.
Additional foley/noise layer options.
Tape Wow/Flutter control, from subtle to extreme.