The fifth version of one of the most popular packages for musicians, sound engineers, producers and composers. Includes virtual instruments, effects, editing, Roland® V-Vocal™ VariPhrase, 64-bit audio engine. To expand the dynamic range, processing accuracy has been increased to double precision – floating point. 

NEW—PSYN™ II subtractive synth,
Pentagon™ I vintage analog synth,
Roland® GrooveSynth™,
SFZ SoundFont sampler,
RXP™ REX Player groove box
and effects:
Lexicon® Pantheon™ Reverb,
Sonitus:fx Suite (10 effects)
New MIDI FX plug-ins
BitBridge™ support 32-bit VST in SONAR 64-bit
All popular formats supported:
Import formats: AIF, ASF, AU, AVI (with stereo or 5.1 audio),
Broadcast Wave, MIDI, MP2, MP3, MPEG, MPG, OMFI, QuickTime 6, SND, WAV
(including 32-bit float files), Windows Media Audio 9 (WMA), WMA9 Pro
5.1, WMA9 lossless, Windows Media Video, proprietary Cakewalk formats
(.bun, .cwb, .cwp, .wrk)
Export: WAV (including 32-bit float files), ACID™-format WAV,
Broadcast Wave, AVI (with stereo or 5.1 audio), OMFI, MIDI, MP3 (30-
day trial encoder), QuickTime 6, Windows Media Audio 9 (WMA), WMA9 Pro
5.1, WMA9 lossless, Windows Media Video (with stereo or 5.1 audio),
and proprietary Cakewalk formats(.cwb, .cwp);
It is possible to connect external encoders to support additional formats.