Cradle and Frank Dukes The Prince 1.1.3 VSTi3, AAX x64

During his 20-year career, Frank Dukes produced some of the most famous artists of this generation. Names such as Drake, The Weeknd, James Blake, Frank Ocean and Taylor Swift grace his extensive body of work.
Frank’s use of emotional sounds, thoughtful arrangements and lush melodies has become a hallmark of his songs and productions.

Simply put, Prince was created out of necessity. Using an extensive collection of vintage synthesizers in his studio, Frank created a wide range of sounds and combined them into one instrument.
No matter where he is in the world, Prince allows Frank to enjoy his creativity whenever inspiration strikes.

Over 130 source samples from a variety of vintage synths, complete with tons of controls and effects to help you create the perfect sound.

Prince lets you control two layers independently and blend them using a powerful blending control. Whether complementary or complex, soothing or strange, discovering your next sound with The Prince is easy and exciting.

Frank Dukes’ idea that anyone can make music was carefully considered during the development of Prince. From beginners and amateurs to songwriters and synthesizers, how deep you go is up to you.

A full range of studio-quality effects always opens up new possibilities for creativity. Instantly add depth, space and color to make your next piece even more vibrant.

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