Cymatics Illusion v1.0.0 VST3, AAX (x64)

Versatile delay effect with unlimited results

✔️ Additional information:
ILLUSION is a unique delay plugin that was inspired by vintage hardware delay pedals. To be more precise, this plugin is a detailed bucket brigade (BBD) emulation.
ILLUSION’s delay/pitch shift capabilities can transform any sound in thousands of different ways. Whether you use it for melody, single-coil, vocals, percussion, drums, etc.
We designed this plugin to instantly transform any audio signal you feed it.

This plugin harnesses the magic of analog hardware, infusing your sound with the richness and warmth that is admired in genuine BBD (Bucket Brigade Device) technology. ILLUSION pushes the boundaries by combining not one, not two, but FOUR iconic BBD chips to reimagine the sonic DNA of any sound with pinpoint precision.
There’s also an unpredictable pitch-shifting sequencer. It’s not just the delay; it’s about shaping your sound in ways that were previously unimaginable. With ILLUSION you have the freedom to explore, innovate and create something truly unique.

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