Elektrostudio Analog Pack represents a nostalgic journey into the world of vintage analog synthesizers, encapsulating the warmth, character, and sonic charm of classic hardware instruments. Available in STL and VSTi formats for Windows XP, 7, and 10 (32-bit), this collection, released in 2009, continues to captivate musicians and producers with its authentic sound and intuitive interface. Let’s explore the timeless appeal of the Elektrostudio Analog Pack and its enduring relevance in today’s music production landscape.

✔️ The pack contains
» Micromoon – beautiful, wicked analog beast with one of the fattest sound you’ve ever heard Based on Micromoog
» Davosynth – recreation of Davoli Synth
» esLine String Machine – great, easy to use, String machine. Based on ARP Solina.
» Moon Sono SX – Moog Sonix Six
» Ocet Rhytm Synth
» ODsay – ARP Odissey
» Or2V – Oberheim 2 voice
» Rhytmus Machine
» Sixth Month June – Roland Juno 6
» Tapeotronic – Mellotron