OB-E – OBERHEIM’S OCTAPHONIC SOUND ADVENTURE Oberheim OB-E is our version of the legendary Oberheim® 8-Voice and the first software instrument personally endorsed by Tom Oberheim. OB-E is more than just emulation, it offers a unique musical experience. Sounds HUGE, it takes the iconic 8-voice Synthesizer Expander Module (SEM®) (aka EVS) into new sonic territory with a host of improvements and additions.

The concept of 8-voice is actually very simple; based on a single SEM containing two VCOs with pulse and sawtooth waveforms, two ADS envelope generators, one LFO and a magic multi-mode filter. Individually, each SEM is monophonic, but in 8-Voice, since the eight SEMs are activated by the polyphonic keyboard, you get an excellent eight-note polyphonic synth.
This unique octaphonic architecture offers fresh and exciting creative possibilities for music producers, composers and sound engineers for the first time in the digital realm.

Key Features

[New] Over 100 new presets and a new matrix reverb.
[New] Vintage control and Refined Detune parameter.
[New] Drum mode and 10 drum kit presets.
[New] PC, VST3 and Apple Silicon Native support.
[New] User interface with flexible zoom and Sequencer Zoom.