Have Audio CATTANEO Pianos (KONTAKT)

Keyboards by Paolo Cattaneo.
Recorded and mixed at Particles Factory, Italy.
The CATTANEO kit contains the CATTANEO upright acoustic and electric piano + the CATTANEO cassette, an exclusive bonus instrument only available in this kit.
The upright piano is an intimate piano with a unique sound that is simply perfect for songwriting, indie/pop and introspection.
The electric piano is a truly fabulous experience. Sampled directly from Cattaneo’s modified and “augmented” Rhodes piano, it is unlike any other electric piano you may have heard.
Everything you need to create beautiful piano music and more in one solution, with an exclusive gift: CATTANEO Cassette is an author’s selection of cassette loops and noises from Paolo Cattaneo’s own collection.

✔️ Additional information
Upright piano: 4996 samples in ncw format. .
Electric piano: 647 samples in ncw format. .
Requires full version of KONTAKT 6.6.1+ (not compatible with free Kontakt Player).

5 channels with mixing capability

PIANO: basic sound

HUMAN: Highlights performance and key noises

GREAT sound: thought out down to the last detail

RUST (for upright piano): distortion

GRAIN (for electric piano): Grainy soundscapes

COLOR: claviharp (for upright piano); tuned glass (for electric piano)

Effects and controls:

ATTACK: Customize your attack to your liking
REVERB: Choose from 6 top-notch algorithms
DELAY select delay type (Normal / Ping Pong), time division menu and level
SUSTAIN PEDALE Volume: If you turn it on, it responds to the sound of your midi sustain pedal like a real one
CASSETTE SECTION: Turn your electric piano into a lo-fi gem
Cassette tape hiss: Choose from 6 types of cassette tape hiss
Wobble: Add wobble to get typical random detuning effects
3 FX PEDALS with 6 effect types each to choose from: EQ, Compression, Saturation, Chorus, Phaser and Leslie
16 GB of RAM or more is highly recommended. You should be able to run Kontakt full version 6.6.1+.
Sample resolution: .ncw format


Tool concept and project manager: Walter Beltrami

Musician: Paolo Cattaneo

Recorded and mixed at Particles Factory, Italy

User Interface and Graphic Design: Have Design Studio and Martina Primavera

Teaser video from Ella Bordo

Kontakt script: Urs Bollhalder

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