Ibanez SRF705 fretless bass
The perfect fretless bass sound, recorded using three channels: DI, plus two microphones on a real amp! An unmistakable, buttery-smooth tone that’s great for recording solos and regular bass lines. This bass works great in a variety of genres: jazz, fusion, new age and many others.
Shreddage 3 Fretless perfectly captures the famous “mwah” sound: an incomparable soft tone in which every note blooms and sings. The warm sound of the Ibanez SRF705 is ideal for regular bass lines, but is also suitable for virtuoso solos and melodic parts. For this special project, we turned to the multi-talented George “Norg” Novick, who collaborated with us to find the perfect sound for a variety of genres.

As with all of our Shreddage instruments, we’ve carefully sampled a variety of articulations to create an instrument with high playability and realism, but this time we’re offering some exciting additions to the library. For the first time, two amplified signals are included in addition to DI, so users can get 100% authentic, pre-sculpted amp sound without any effects. Customize your sound by controlling the levels of each microphone, as well as the DI signal in the mix window. Quickly find the tone that suits your production by choosing from a variety of presets covering everything from ambient and reverb to dirty and distorted.

Shreddage 3 Fretless also marks the debut of our newly updated Shreddage 3.5 engine, which introduces features to streamline your workflow and provide the flexibility you need. The graphical interface has been significantly improved to ensure clarity and intuitiveness. Articulations are much easier to customize and remap thanks to the new TACT 3.0 articulation system, and NKS is now supported for more parameters. The Performance Style drop-down menu provides presets that automatically tune the instrument to the selected Style. Finally, an all-new Keyboard Mode allows you to play your instrument with all the responsiveness and consistency of a premium workstation keyboard, without sacrificing great sound.

If you want to create a custom Voice from scratch, the Consoles section has everything you need. Create your own signal chain for each of the microphones, DI and main channel with a rich set of effects: dynamics, EQ, pedals, reverb, phasing effects and more.
Load, play and perform with this instrument with ease. The magnificent timbre will inspire. Mix-ready audio and a smooth workflow meet the demands of tight production deadlines.

Additional Information
The perfect “mwah” sound of a fretless bass, recorded using three channels: DI, plus two mics on a real amp! An unmistakable, buttery-smooth tone that works as beautifully for lead writing as it does for conventional bass lines, without the millimeter precision a live fretless requires. Shreddage 3 Fretless shines across genres: jazz, fusion, new-age and more.