iZotope RX 11 Audio Editor Advanced v11.0.1 for Windows is a comprehensive and powerful tool for audio restoration and editing. Its advanced features, intuitive interface, and seamless integration make it an essential software for professionals in music production, post-production, and audio engineering. Whether you are restoring old recordings, cleaning up dialogue, or preparing audio for broadcast, RX 11 provides the precision and quality needed to achieve outstanding results. By investing in RX 11, users gain access to the cutting-edge technology that defines iZotope’s commitment to innovation and excellence in audio processing.


  • Spectral Repair: RX 11’s Spectral Repair tool allows users to visually isolate and repair problematic audio. By working directly in the spectral domain, users can identify and remove unwanted sounds with surgical precision, making it an invaluable tool for dialogue editing and noise reduction.
  • Voice De-noise: Specifically designed for vocal recordings, this feature reduces background noise while preserving the natural quality of the voice. It is ideal for cleaning up interviews, podcasts, and vocal tracks in music production.
  • De-click and De-crackle: These tools effectively remove clicks, pops, and crackles from recordings, making them essential for restoring vinyl records, old recordings, and poorly digitized audio files.
  • De-hum: The De-hum module targets and removes electrical hum and line noise, ensuring a clean and professional sound.
  • Ambience Match: This feature allows users to seamlessly match the background noise of different recordings, providing continuity in audio environments for film and television post-production.
  • De-reverb: By reducing or removing reverb from recordings, this tool helps achieve a drier, more controlled sound, which is particularly useful for dialogue recorded in reverberant spaces.