Mario Nieto Harmony Bloom v1.2.8 SAL, VST3i x64

Harmony Bloom is a MIDI generator that combines polyrhythmic patterns with beautiful visual effects.
Send MIDI data to any device that will accept it, opening up a range of musical possibilities.
Harmony Bloom is designed to effortlessly create magical sequences while allowing users to add their own personal touch.
The program offers many parameters to tweak or randomize until the desired result is achieved.

✔️ Features
» Visual magic.
» Keyboard mode.
» Collections of sheet music.
» Additional controls are randomized.
» Number of notes.
» Quantized and free bias.
» Sync DAW tempo or not.
» Trigger bars.
» Selection of scale and root.
» MidiLearn.
»Create presets for editing and sharing.
» Compatible with any DAW.
» Full and direct support with the creator of Harmony Bloom.

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