Musical Sampling – Anthem Choir 2 (KONTAKT)

Anthem Choir 2 is the sequel to Anthem Choir, a library of legato choir for a variety of non-classical genres such as pop, rock, electronica, hip-hop and anthemic.

This time three different vowels are included: Ah, Mm and Eh (more like ‘Aa’ as in “RAD”) sung by three different ensembles: Women Impolite/Polite and Men.

Each vowel also has an alternative consonant attack (rates 100-127): “Nah” for “Ah’s,” “Yeah” for “Eh’s,” and a falling attack for “Mm.”

For Impolite girl and boy groups we have brought back the original rowdy karaoke warriors song from the hymn choir. They are relaxed, singing in a strictly chest voice at full volume in full chat. These patches are full of attitude and atmosphere.

For the Women Polite ensemble, we hired a group of semi-professional singers into the studio and instructed them to ditch the training and become more pop/fun. Performances have become more refined and accurate. Which is ideal for…

The All Women patches include a balanced mix of both impolite and polite groups, highlighting each other’s strengths. These patches sound amazing!

We’re full of humanity and atmosphere, so we hope you enjoy the increased utility of our raw crowd vocal concept called Anthem Choir

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