RealStrat 6 is a two-piece combo: REALSTRAT STANDARD – our original RealStrat model with many new features, fully compatible with the previous version of RealStrat, and REALSTRAT ELITE – the debut of our new set of samples recorded from each of the 3 Stratocaster pickups, with four patches and two settings options for each.
There are three ways to use the RealStrat virtual instrument.
The intuitive keyboard layout allows you to play in LIVE/MIDI KEYBOARD PERFORMANCE mode, using multiple articulations, noises, guitar-specific techniques, strings and finger playing techniques.
Any guitar performance created on a MIDI keyboard can be recorded or directly programmed into the MIDI track of any DAW.

✔️ Features
We’ve carefully and meticulously recorded high-quality dry samples of every fret of every string directly from Stratocaster picks, allowing you to easily create any guitar sound you want using your favorite amp simulator. 
Version 6 supports external guitar FX processors, which are very important for creating a realistic guitar part. Our experts have carefully studied the guitar tones used in the most popular songs performed by the greatest guitarists and created over two hundred authentic presets that sound just like them, ready to use on your next song. We recommend using the open source Guitarix.vst virtual guitar amplifier as a reliable and versatile solution for using these presets.

0.Uninstall previous versions.
Don’t scan plugins from hosts yet.
2.Run in STANDALONE mode from the desktop. It will ask you to enter your license.
3.Run our keygen and generate a license.
4.Activate using a license.
Make sure the STANDALONE version works.
After this, you can scan the plugin.