Native Instruments SCHEMA: DARK v1.0.2 (KONTAKT)

SCHEMA: DARK was created in collaboration with professional sound and instrument designer Tobias Menguser (10 Phantom Rooms)
SYSTEM is built around a 16-step sequencer unlike any other: start with four tempo-synchronized loops of two bars each, switch up to 16 steps per layer to create unique rhythmic patterns, then vary the density of your creation using the mod wheel . Get instant results or dive into learning polyrhythmic tricks, challenging atmospheres, walls of intense sound – and everything in between.
Each cycle is presented in four sound options: Version A is the original, captured in its original form and sweetened to taste with high-quality outboard equipment. Versions B, C and D push things further into the background with custom processing chains ranging from signature pedal distortion to esoteric modular patches and rare rack-mount compressors.
SCHEMA: DARK comes with 343 professionally designed presets to help you get started right away. Each one consists of four loops, each with their own switchable patterns, playback modes (including reverse!), envelopes, effects, and more. For further customization, filters, decay, volume and pitch are available for each step, pattern length can be set independently for polyrhythmic pleasure, and six studio-grade effects can be assigned to two send slots.

✔️ Fixes in version 1.0.2
Switching to sequencer mode now works correctly.
Checked on version 7.10.1. Everything is fine.

✔️ Additional information
Cinematic pulse engine
Create, dark, driving patterns and pulses with a unique, new sequencing engine
Layer expertly sound-designed variations of orchestral, synthetic, and field-recorded loops
Go deep with editable patterns for each layer, intuitive macro knobs, mix controls, and studio-grade effects

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