Native Instruments – Valves Pro (KONTAKT)

Best warm and soft sounds of wind instruments. Valves Pro makes it easy to create evolving brass bands with sounds carefully recorded by top session musicians.

Building on the capabilities of Valves, this virtual horn plugin offers three different sampler instruments for both solo and ensemble performances, delivering rich and evolving tones and textures for cinematic scores and modern productions.

New Ways to Perform

Valves Pro offers more creativity with two new tools: Solo and Ensemble, as well as Valve’s Player engine.

Create complex solo melodies using any of five instruments, and layer them to create your own detailed ensemble parts. Choose between 62 articulations for complete flexibility, or activate Virtuoso mode and the engine will automatically select articulations based on speed and expression settings for smooth performance.


Easily create authentic and expressive ensemble performances in one engine, with the freedom to choose your own articulations for all five instruments. Access a variety of variations and tuning options as the intelligent Auto Divisi feature assigns the most accurate instrument to each chord note for a realistic arrangement.


Now with even more articulations and preset phrases for instant inspiration. Create your own looped phrases by placing articulations, including long, short, dynamic, motifs and noise, in a tempo-synchronized grid for all five instruments.

    • Product type: KOMPLETE Instrument
    • Instrument type: Brass ensemble
    • Kontakt instrument: Requires free Kontakt 7 Player or Kontakt 7 Version 7.5 or higher
    • Number of NKIs: 6
    • Download size: 30.9 GB Compressed, 50.7 GB Uncompressed

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