Whether you’re using any Pioneer DJ setup in the world, whether at home or in a DJ booth, you can rely on rekordbox. Whether working with multiplayer, controller or DVS setups, rekordbox offers a one-stop solution for music management, track preparation, shared library playback and syncing tunes for intuitive lighting sequences

✔️ Additional information:

rekordbox allows you to manage and play music files using Pioneer DJ multiplayer or DJ system.

  • Create playlists for different scenes by categorizing and searching music files on your computer.
  • Analyze tracks: determine key, change beat count and tempo (BPM), and gather important information about music files before performing.
  • Set and save point information (to create cues, loops, hot cues, etc.) before performing.
  • Record DJ performances or analog audio using a connected device.

rekordbox allows you to use created playlists and point information for DJ performances. You can also record DJ performances, including improvised cues and loop points, so you can review your DJ performance and use this information in subsequent DJ performances.

✔️ Installation features:

Remove previous version. If you need to clean
Code: select all

Before starting installation, block the program from accessing the Internet using hosts:

1. Open a command line (as administrator).
2. Enter notepad C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts and press Enter.
3. Add to the opened hosts file:
Code: select all cloud.kuvo.com rb-share.kuvo.com accounts.us1.gigya.com us1.gigya.com
And save the changes.

Install Rekordbox 6
After installation is complete, do not launch!

Place the file lsapiw64.dll with replacement in the folder with the installed program

(Right click on desktop shortcut > File location)

When you first launch it, it will ask you to select a plan. The [Next] and [Skip] buttons are your friend!

All operations are performed as an administrator.