What happens when a small group of audio enthusiasts with 100% complementary interests constantly bump into each other?
They inevitably start plotting something! In our case, this something manifested itself in the form of digital emulations of excellent analog equipment,
both new and old.

✔️ Plugins

  • BIG AL v1.3.0
    Assembled from authentic vintage radio era components. Designed to add richness, color and analog flavor to your mix.
  •  U2A v1.1.0
    A tribute to what is rightfully considered the best optical compressor of all time, based on a complex analogue model with a couple of interesting tweaks.
  • U17 v1.2.0
    A new take on the legendary complex hybrid design – vintage-style compression!
  • V76U73 v1.3.0
    Emulation of the Telefunken V76 preamp and U73 compressor from the 1950s.
  • WARBLE v1.3.0
    A superb vintage tape modulation and lo-fi effect that makes anything you throw at it sound special, unique and creative.

✔️ How to install
1: Install your plugin.
2: Run our keygen.
3: Launch the plugin. Start activation.
4: Click “I’m Offline”.
5: Copy the device ID into the keygen.
6: Generate a license using our keygen.
7.Click “Open License” and import the license.
8: Click “Activate”.