The Cenozoix three-case compressor is named after the Cenozoic era, the time following the extinction of the dinosaurs. Packed with innovation, this mixing and mastering plugin usheres in a new era of compressors.

Get the Sound of 12 Classic Compressors
Cenozoix offers compression algorithms for all major production elements, including Drum, Vocal, Bus, and Mastering, as well as algorithms that recreate the sounds of vintage compressors such as Black FET, Blue FET, Vintage Opto, Virtual-Mu, and more, providing the perfect balance of utility and versatility. This compression plugin can satisfy all your compression needs, from tight and modern sound to powerful vintage charm.
Apply distortion-free compression to your mixes

✔️ Features
» 12 compression algorithms that recreate the sound of classic compressors
» 12 compression algorithms for common use cases
» Distortion-free compression
» Anti-derivative anti-aliasing (ADAA)
» Double peak and RMS detection
» Dynamically adjustable trigger time
» Generation odd and even harmonics

✔️ Add. information:
Version 1.0.1 (February 21, 2024)
bug fixes

» Resampling now works correctly. Fixed an issue where some internal DSP codes would remain at the original sample rate instead of being initialized to a higher sample rate when oversampling was enabled, which could result in a missing lower limit.
» Fixed an issue with delay compensation that was causing phase issues when mixing dry and wet signals.
» Cancel in logic now works correctly.
» Fixed incorrect display of the hold option when re-opening the graphical interface.
» Fine-tuning the slider using Shift now works correctly on macOS.
» New oversampling IR core that improves audio quality with a slight increase in latency.
» Showing the gain reduction meter in Studio One is now supported.