PSPaudioware PSP Flare v1.0.2 is a versatile and powerful plugin that offers a wealth of creative possibilities for music producers and sound designers. Its combination of multi-tap delay, reverb, and modulation options makes it a valuable tool for adding depth, space, and rhythmic complexity to your tracks.


  • Multi-Tap Delay: PSP Flare features a multi-tap delay engine that allows you to create complex rhythmic patterns. Each tap can be individually adjusted for time, feedback, and level, providing precise control over the delay effect.
  • Reverb Integration: The plugin includes a high-quality reverb module that can be used in conjunction with the delay taps. This integration allows for seamless blending of reverb and delay, adding depth and space to your sound.
  • Modulation Options: PSP Flare offers extensive modulation capabilities, including LFOs and envelope followers. These can be used to modulate various parameters, adding movement and dynamism to your effects.
  • Filter Section: The built-in filter section provides high-pass, low-pass, and band-pass filters, allowing you to shape the tonal characteristics of the effect.
  • Presets: The plugin comes with a wide range of presets designed by professional sound designers.