The P455 MDN Sidecar is a summing and dual-bus audio mixing and mastering plug-
in that brings to life the analog chain of Mark Daniel Nelson, two-time
Grammy and French Academy Award-nominated mixing engineer, music producer, creative director and teacher.
The P455 provides Mark’s analog workflow, which includes analog summing,
tube stereo effects, a two-band punch-out stereo EQ,
a custom two-band compressor, and the unique character of two high-end A/D converters.

The P455 MDN Sidecar is more than just a plug-in, it’s a finely tuned blend of Mark’s experienced approach and Pulsar Modular’s progressive audio design, with an emphasis on musicality at every step of the signal path.
Over the years, Mark Daniel Nelson has openly and graciously shared his techniques and experiences. Now it takes it one step further and brings its signature sound to you, without limitation or compromise, through the P455 MDN Sidecar and P450 MDN EQ audio plug-ins.
Features of
P455 MDN Sidecar
Summation without having to insert a plugin on each channel.
Various routings and options for a true analog workflow.
Custom 2-bus compressor.
2-bus stereo proportional equalizer.
Two ADC emulations.
4-band equalizer with step frequency and gain adjustment.
The low and high shelves are stepped.
Gain multiplier for alternative gain and Q.
Op-amp behavior and proprietary perforation.

Changelog History
The code has been optimized, resulting in reduced distortion and increased brain volume.
Eliminated random clicks at low levels.
Optimized code solves problems with Steinberg Wavelab.
Color coding for compressor GR meter readings.
Updated signal flow in the user manual.
Click Gain knob – Displays the gain value.
When starting playback of some audio materials, a quiet click is heard.
When S/C is turned on, a short 80 Hz tone is displayed.
“Audio Dimming Transition” Implementation corrected. Enabled by default.
The P455 compressor feeds GR values ​​into Pro Tools. Accuracy up to 5 dB.

✔️ Installation [Windows]
Block in hosts if necessary.
Before using the plugin, run keygen to register.