Safari Pedals Everything Bundle v2024.05 VST3, AAX x64

Join the wild side of audio and become part of the animal lovers club with our Everything Bundle.
More than just a set, it’s a journey through diverse soundscapes, designed for producers and engineers who dare to stand out.
From complex reverbs to dynamic distortions, discover the full range of safari-style pedals with the Everything Bundle,
where each pedal tells a story.

✔️ Included plugins
01. Gorilla Drive – Warm analog richness in the plugin.
02. Time Machine – Instant vintage compressor and filters.
03. Yak Delay – Wild delay with Dan Mayo.
04. Flamingo Verb – 4 wild reverbs in one plugin.
05. Lion Master – limiter plugin for mastering.
06. Fox Echo Chorus – A classic tape echo with a vintage vibe.
07. Dirty Dog Reverb – Wild reverb and drive with Joe Chicarelli.
08. Owl Control – 4 smart compressors in one wild plugin.
09. Rhino Reverb – Vintage HiFi Reverb amp with a wild twist.
10. Dragon Eq – Wild three-band equalizer with MS & Drive.
11. Ladybug Reverb – LoFi reverb.
12. Rabbit Tape – Jungle Warmth Tape Distortion.
13. Camel Strip – Wildin channel strip.

✔️ Installation
Copy the plugins folder to the VST3/AAX folder – Run the keygen before opening any plugin.

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