The Softube Plugins Bundle is a versatile and powerful collection of tools that caters to the needs of audio professionals across various disciplines. Whether you are mixing and mastering in the studio, designing sounds for electronic music, or managing live sound, this bundle provides the high-quality processing and creative flexibility required to achieve professional results. With its intuitive interfaces, seamless integration, and exceptional sound quality, the Softube Plugins Bundle is an essential addition to any audio production setup.


  • Console 1: A hybrid mixing system that integrates hardware and software, providing the tactile feel of a mixing console with the flexibility of digital processing.
  • Tape: A tape emulation plugin that adds warmth and analog character to digital recordings.
  • Saturation Knob: A simple yet effective tool for adding harmonic distortion and warmth.
  • Weiss DS1-MK3: A mastering-grade dynamics processor known for its transparent sound and precision.
  • Modular: A virtual modular synth that allows for complex sound design and synthesis.
  • FET Compressor: A faithful emulation of a classic FET compressor, perfect for adding punch and presence to tracks.
  • EchoBoy: A versatile delay plugin that offers a wide range of delay effects and modulation options.