Create, mix and deliver with confidence Calibrate headphones and speakers using SoundID Reference software,
to trust every mixing decision.
Accurate measurement and calibration of speakers for headphones and stereo or multi-channel systems. More than 400 headphone models are supported.
The program supports setting up speakers from stereo, up to 5.1 and up to 9.1.6. Atmos Room.
Works in all major DAWs as a plugin and as a standalone system-wide application that calibrates sound throughout the system.
Simulate a variety of listening environments, from car stereos to high-end hi-fi systems.
Curve management and target mode capabilities.Zero latency processing.

✔️ Installation
The kit includes an installation video: Demand sobriety!
Written Installation Steps
It is recommended that you perform the steps described in the video on a computer that is disconnected from the Internet.

0) Uninstall the previous version and delete the “Sonarworks” folder in
%LOCALAPPDATA%\ (C:\Users/Your username/AppData/Local).

  1. Run “Sonarworks Hosts Patch” as administrator.
  2. Set “SoundID Reference Systemwide”.
  3.  Open the SoundID Reference App.
  4. Dismiss “SoundID Reference App” from the taskbar (Very important).
  5.  Go to the folder “%LOCALAPPDATA%\Sonarworks\Logs\” and open “SoundIdReference_Browser.txt”.
  6.  Copy the ComputerId, starting with “g” to the end of the numbers.
  7. Launch Keygen: select “Registration”, insert ComputerId, write any Email and click “Register SoundID Reference”.
  8.  Run “UserLicense Freeze” as an administrator and open the SoundID Reference App…
  9.  Now the application is “Activated” to the latest version.


  • a ) Launch Keygen, select “Generate Profile”, click “Load Current License File” and click “Generate Profile for The ComputerId”.
  • b) Select your model from the Headphone Profile folder and save the file in any location convenient for you.
  • c) You can now load your saved headphone profile from “Open an existing Profile”.