Complete your compositions with authentic medieval phrases! Travel back in time with the newest addition to the MEDIEVAL PHRASES series: FIDDLE & NYCKELHARPA. With the help of the folk violin with its rich and expressive tones, combined with the characteristic resonant strings of the Nyckelharpa, we invite you to convey the mood of medieval times. Composers and producers can now use dramatic live performances from outstanding performers or freely play instruments with a variety of articulations.

MEDIEVAL PHRASES: FIDDLE & NYCKELHARPA carry tales of the past, each string resonating with countless stories. The violin bow dances across the strings to create a vibrant, rhythmic melody, while the nyckelharpa design adds otherworldly depth. These sounds, once echoing through the halls of medieval taverns and open markets, are now clearly captured by the modern composer. With MEDIEVAL PHRASES, breathe new life into your medieval compositions, delivering an authentic experience that is both profound and moving.