The Atmosphere and Trilogy software modules have become legendary among composers and arrangers. A magnificent collection of live and synthetic bass sounds (Trilogy), as well as pads, leads, strings (Atmosphere) is now available to owners of Intel Macs.

The kit includes the latest AU updates to version 1.2.4 as well as plugins designed for Digital Pefrormer.
The Atmosphere and Trilogy components themselves are only in PPC format, but special applications, wrappers, as Spectrasonics calls them, allow you to use them on the Intel platform. Unfortunately, this means a serious loss in performance, but at the moment this is the only solution from the manufacturer that allows you to use the famous tools on modern computers.

✔️ Extras. information:
Atmosphere.dat and Trilogy.dat must be placed in /Library/Audio/Plug-ins/Components or create an Alias on them and put them in the same folder. If you have these files from PowerPC or Windows installations, you do not need to download them.