Strezov Sampling Toms X3M (KONTAKT)

Toms have been the first and most commonly used instruments for epic percussion sounds for decades. Our Toms X3M drums take a modern approach to one of the world’s most sampled drums, adding more depth and color to the recording process than other models in the X3M drum line.
We have gone beyond traditional toms and have also recorded surdos, field drums, lead drums, mat drums solo and in various sizes and ensemble combinations. Toms X3M is much more than just Toms.
One of our main goals was to capture consistent Round Robin parts for as many playing techniques as possible to allow us to write fast, yet smooth and realistic-sounding drum arrangements. To achieve this goal, we carefully edited every single sample of our 15 Round Robins by hand and performed as many iterations as necessary after thoroughly testing the articulations in a real-life composition environment.
Recording took place in the Sofia Session studio, where we also recorded previous X3M libraries to ensure smooth and easy layering.
Toms X3M – Official Walkthrough
Toms X3M Jam Sessions
Hard Knock Duel
Thunder Groovin

✔️ Additional Information
X3M Kick Engine

The concept behind this engine is quite simple – the key range is divided into 12 zones to which you can assign different sounds. Once you’ve created your chosen template, simply plug it in and play – nothing else is needed!
In addition to this, the engine also allows you to customize individual zones as well as the entire mapped ensemble patch with different effects and microphone placements. Combining these with natural and organic recordings gives you maximum flexibility when it comes to sound.

Once you load X3M Ensemble Builder, you automatically load all samples into the “Samples” directory. However, the device is designed in such a way that it actually keeps all samples clean unless you load them into a specific area. This means that not only do you have a single patch with all the percussion types you might need, but it’s also optimized and doesn’t impact your RAM resources in any way!

The newly updated X3M engine also supports cycling selection as well as stereo development control for each microphone position.

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