OsTIrus runs directly in your DAW and can be controlled like any regular softsynth.
Virus TI users will be able to relive the experience of this legendary synthesizer with all the modern conveniences of software plug-ins.

✔️ Features
Six stereo outputs, three analog and three digital.
Polyphony is unlimited and is limited more by the emulated DSP chips and their clock speed than by any strict restrictions built into the emulator itself.
Sampling frequency up to 96 kHz.
A full range of features such as grain table and formant oscillators, wave tables unique to the hardware synth, and the famous hypersaw.
Flawless control in MiDi format.
More than 45 thousand sets of sounds/presets.
And many other possibilities.

✔️ Installation
Install the plugin.
To add additional presets, open OsTIrus, go to the BROWSER tab and right-click on “Data Sources” to add the “Virus Soundset” folder.
Right click in the top left corner to change skin.
You can also change the DSP clock speed in the “Advanced>DSP Clock” list if the plugins are putting a lot of stress on your CPU (75% or 50%).