Control and add grain to the low frequencies
Low level can be one of your worst enemies when it comes to mixing. Rumble and muddiness are all too common and completely ruin the end result, making it difficult to create quality music.
With LowEnhance, controlling and adding bass punch and power is now easier than ever.

The auto volume boost feature ensures balanced levels, saving you time and effort when adjusting the volume. Let LowEnhance handle the technical details while you focus on shaping your sound.
Tempo synchronizes low-frequency processing for tight integration with the tempo of your project. Precisely maintain the groove and rhythm of your music, resulting in flawless and professional mixes.
Customize your dynamics
Choose fast and slow attack and release times to add dynamics to the low frequencies. Whether you want instant compression or subtle saturation, LowEnhance offers the flexibility to suit your artistic vision.

Use the built-in filter to select the specific frequency range you want to process (40Hz to 250Hz). Keep your mix clear and crisp by fine-tuning the bass frequencies.

Improve your low frequencies with overdrive and soft limiting options. Add grit and harmonics to your mix, adding depth and personality to your sound.
Low-level mixes can often be problematic: drums, bass, synths and other low-frequency content are often difficult to control and especially difficult to cut through the mix.

LowEnhance solves these problems for you in a very simple and intuitive way, without having to dial in dozens of settings.

Need a boost to cut through the mix better? Raise the Harmonics knob.

Is the bass response uneven and requires some dynamic adjustment? Just turn the speaker knob up and that’s it!

✔️ Installation
Select your bit depth and format from the “THR_LowEnhance_101” folder and copy it to the desired directory. Run the keygen, select a product, enter your email and register.