TAL Software GmbH is a small company, founded around 2000 and located in Switzerland. We create high-quality instruments and effects with a user-friendly interface at a reasonable price. Our

Popular producers and musicians use TAL software which is mentioned in various interviews.
We don’t do any marketing and don’t spend a lot of time or money on secure copy protection systems. Our main focus is on the product itself.

  • TAL-BassLine-101 v3.8.2: Accurate emulation of the popular SH 101 synthesizer.
  • TAL-DAC v2.0.3: Recreates the character and sound of 80s samplers and Lo-Fi devices.
  • TAL-Drum v2.1.5: Easy-to-use drum sampler inspired by 80s drum machines with a modern workflow.
  • TAL-Dub-X v2.0.5: Full control over delay effects for creating anything from subtle ambiance to rhythmic echoes.
  • TAL-J-8 v1.7.8: Precision emulation of the iconic 80s hardware synthesizer, calibrated against the Jupiter 8.
  • TAL-Mod v1.9.6: Virtual analog synthesizer with exceptional sound and limitless modulation possibilities.
  • TAL-Pha v1.0.2: Emulates the classic sound of the 80s analog synthesizer Alpha Juno II with modern flexibility.
  • TAL-Sampler v4.5.4: Full-featured analog synthesizer with sampler capabilities and a powerful modulation matrix.
  • TAL-U-NO-LX v4.8.4: Complete the popular Juno 60 emulation rewrite with state-of-the-art features and controls.