You can install from scratch or roll on top of the previous version from VR
EZkeys 2, latest version + EZK2-SessionOrgan. Download other libraries separately if you need them.
There is a MIDI library – it is built into the installer and will be installed automatically in the specified directory in the Sound destination line.

✔️ Changes in version 2.0.5
EZkeys 2.0.5 is now available to download using the Product Manager or from the ‘My Products’ area in your Toontrack account. Please note that version 2.0.5 is required for the support of EZkeys sound expansions (EKXs) released from this point forward (Q2 2024).

Session Organ EKX

Bandmate and the Grooves tab now have an “Adjust for Organ” button/function, which can make non-organ MIDI sound better with the organ.
The Velocity controls in Edit Play Style, Bandmate and the Grooves tab are replaced by Expression controls when Session Organ is loaded.
In Session Organ, starting Song Track playback in the middle of long notes will start playing those notes.
Pedals Drawbar 2 (Fundamental) has changed CC mapping from CC34 to CC35.
Tooltips for drawbar preset keys in the Grid Editor now say the preset name.