THE JAZZ SESSIONS SDX features seven drum kits for Superior Drummer 3, recorded by master craftsman James Farber.
This SDX for Superior Drummer 3 aims to define milestones in the sounds and eras of jazz drums from the early days to the present day. Where better to capture this than in the jazz capital of the world and one of the most legendary studios ever built: New York City’s iconic powerhouse. In addition to housing perhaps more legendary artists than any other studio on the planet, it is also where James spent his formative years, recorded some of his seminal work, and is still considered a one-stop destination for jazz recording. . drums.
A total of seven sets were selected for the session, each representing a different jazz era, sound, or important record in James’ career.

✔️ Additional information
Folder with midi files inside

✔️ Installation:
1) Copy the SL-JazzSessions folder to the folder where the Superior Drummer libraries are located
2) Move the contents of the “Midi” folder to the folder where all other midi files are located
3) Specify the path in the program settings to the library
4) Enjoy