Beautifully worn and naturally warped, the Lost Piano is well suited to set the mood and inspire your playing. Instant movement. This is not a synthesizer, but it’s not an ordinary piano either. Is this something you haven’t had before… or have you?
A tool for experimentation and for pushing the boundaries of what you think a piano can sound like.
Created from 32 sets of piano sounds that have been stretched out in time and transformed using reels, tapes, guitar pedals and some fancy plugin chains.

It also features our new custom Memories engine, which generates an intelligent set of rhythmic sounds. More character and complexity than an arpeggiator. More curious and enchanting than the usual delay effect. This is for composers, creators and music makers who value the way sound makes you feel.
Additional Information
32 Unique Sound Sources
Award-Winning Interface
Arpeggiated MEMORIES
Engine GET LOST Randomizer
100+ Presets AWARDS Best Interface Award Sample Library Review 2021