Wrongtools – Bone Chain (KONTAKT) is a testament to the power of creativity and innovation in sound design. Its unique sound sources, intuitive interface, and versatile applications make it a standout choice for composers and sound designers seeking to push the boundaries of their craft. By blending the organic with the experimental, Bone Chain offers a fresh and inspiring tool that can elevate any musical or sound design project. Whether you are looking to add a touch of the unconventional to your compositions or create entirely new sonic landscapes, Bone Chain is a library that promises to deliver.


  • The Essence of Bone Chain : Bone Chain is not your typical virtual instrument. It draws inspiration from the natural world, using bones and other organic materials to create a diverse array of percussive and melodic sounds.
  • Unique Sound Sources and Articulations :  At the heart of Bone Chain are its unique sound sources. The library features meticulously recorded samples of bones and other organic materials, struck, scraped, and manipulated in various ways.
  • Intuitive Interface and Control : Wrongtools has designed the Bone Chain interface to be both intuitive and flexible. The KONTAKT platform provides a familiar environment for many users, and the layout of Bone Chain ensures that all key features and controls are easily accessible. Users can quickly browse through different sound categories, adjust parameters, and apply effects to shape the sound to their liking.
  • Creative Potential : The creative potential of Bone Chain is vast. Its unique sound sources and articulations make it an excellent tool for adding texture and depth to a wide range of musical genres. Whether you are scoring a film, designing sound for a game, or composing experimental music, Bone Chain provides a wealth of sounds that can inspire and enhance your work.
  • Seamless Integration : Bone Chain is designed to integrate seamlessly into any workflow. It is fully compatible with KONTAKT, one of the most widely used platforms in the industry. This ensures that it can be easily incorporated into existing setups and used alongside other virtual instruments and effects.