Anemond Factorsynth 3 v3.1.0 STANDALONE, VST3i x64

Factorsynth is a unique tool for audio deconstruction.It breaks down audio samples into a set of elements using a machine learning algorithm.
The resulting fragments can be rearranged and remixed in endless ways, creating complex textures,
rhythmic and melodic variations, hybrid sounds and a whole range of new sound transformations!

Features of Factorsynth 3

  • Isolate and remix elements with ease.
  • Create hybrid sounds through cross-synthesis.
  • Generate complex textures for immersive sonic experiences.
  • Deconstruct and randomize audio samples for unique compositions.
  • Craft variations of rhythm and melody to infuse dynamism into music.
  • Play components via MIDI, adding a tactile dimension to the creative process.
  • Utilize a matrix controller for intuitive manipulation of sound elements.
  • Draw directly on the interface to sculpt and shape components effortlessly.

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