Arturia Augmented YANGTZE v1.0.0 VST/VST3/AAX/SAL x64 [WIN]

Augmented YANGTZE is a software instrument
that combines the unique essence of traditional Chinese instruments with the raw power of synthesis.
Discover a range of Chinese musical motifs and modern textures
brought to life through experimental processing.
Key Features and Features
Traditional Music Reimagined

An exploration of China’s rich musical heritage, seamlessly woven into the fabric of modern sound design.
Augmented YANGTZE combines careful sampling with innovative multi-layered synthesis to create a sound that
transcends traditional musical boundaries. From the rich, earthy tones of Dizi and Xiao basses to the sparkling overtones of Yangqin and Erhu
and the soulful plucked strings of Pipa and Guqin, every tone is presented with unrivaled clarity and depth. Whether you’re a composer,
producer or sound designer, immerse yourself in a world of expressive, textured soundscapes.

Bowed, plucked and more

The augmented YANGTZE offers a rich and uniquely textured palette of sounds from China’s most famous traditional instruments.
Explore 200 presets and discover breathtaking soundscapes with Dizi & Xiao, Pipa, Guqin, Yangqin and Erhu basses.

Create Your Own Sound

Create your own ensemble using YANGTZE’s advanced multi-engine flexibility.
Experiment with two layers, each containing 2 sound sources,
and create your own combination of sampling and synthesis to achieve a harmonious array of acoustic textures and pro-level effects.

From authentic to abstract

Exciting, twisted, traditional, transcendental and everything in between. With 6 instruments, 38 articulations,
30 processed and multi-sampled articulations, 4 synthesis types, 2 sampling engines
and built-in effects, explore a virtually limitless range of composition-ready textures and tones.

Transformative Power

YANGTZE’s extensive library is designed to be transformative,
giving you a truly unique and ever-evolving sound with every turn of the wheel.
Transform musical tradition into otherworldly sounds for a modern take on classic instruments.

Transform your sound instantly

Improve your sound with intuitive modulation using a simplified set of macro controls and insert effects.
Easily adjust settings for both minor changes and dramatic transformations – from cutoff color to call and answer delay.

Deeper Customization

Quickly select, change, and customize dynamic hybrid sounds from the instrument’s main screen, or dive deeper into the advanced panel
to access complex modulation, arpeggios, custom sound sources, and more.

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