Aurally Sound Song Master PRO v2.0.0 x64

Song Master gives you the tools to learn your favorite songs straight from the recording and practice effectively.
Song Master uses advanced machine learning and deep learning algorithms
to determine the basic parts of a song, chords, beats, beats, time signature, key and tuning.

✔️ Features of
Pitch Detection – Pro:
Artificial intelligence algorithms convert audio into pitch and midi notes. Pitches Viewer allows you to selectively view the spectrograms and notes of all tracks in a song. This is a useful tool for helping transcribe music and for seeing how different parts fit together in a song.
Spectogram View:
A spectrogram shows the frequency content present in one or more tracks. For melodic instruments, you will see how the note on the instrument is distributed along the harmonic series. Percussion instruments will appear as “strokes” along the vertical axis.
Midi View:
Song Master converts the spectrogram into Pitch and Midi layers, which can be viewed independently or together to determine how the music was performed.
Export Midi:
Midi data for a track can be saved to an external file or dragged into a DAW or midi editor.

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