BDSP Cross Pollinator v1.0.3 WIN/MAC VST3, AU x64

A New Breed of Delays
Create more interesting, complex, dynamic and lively delays with a unique feature
Cross Pollinator routes multiple delay lines into each other.

✔️ Features
Ultimate creative control
Dial delay times down to the 32nd note across multiple tempo ranges and have full control over signal flow between delay blocks to make delays more interesting and rhythmically dynamic.
Universal Tone Shaping
Give each delay block its own character by using separate output effects for each block.
Use drive to add anything from subtle warmth to sharp bite.
Use a filter to subtly shape the sound of a delay block or change its tone completely.
More than just a delay
Cross Pollinator can create more than just delays. Create stereo visioners, subtle pseudo-reverbs, metallic soundwarpers and more.

✔️ Key Features
Innovative modulation sources
Cross Pollinator introduces many of the latest modulation sources, such as advanced LFOs and envelopes, for dynamic audio manipulation.
Real-time audio transformation
Users can achieve smooth and immediate sound evolution, breaking away from static textures with Cross Pollinator’s real-time processing capabilities.
Wide range of settings options
The plugin provides many customizable parameters allowing you to precisely control modulation depth, speed and various sound characteristics.

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