Behringer Vintage v1.0.1 STANDALONE, VST3i x64

Behringer has released its first synthesizer plugin, Vintage.
Free analogue modeling synthesizer like Prophet for macOS and Windows.

✔️ Features
A synth engine based on careful modeling of the analog circuits of legendary vintage synthesizers.
Carefully designed user interface for intuitive sound creation and rich audio capabilities.
Two high-quality oscillators with tight synchronization and selectable waveforms: sine, square, sawtooth, noise and sub-oscillator.
Pulse width modulation of a square wave oscillator.
Two universal filters with switchable 12/24 dB lowpass, bandpass, highpass, notch and formant modes, as well as selectable dynamics curves for rich harmonics.
ADSR filter controls are easily accessible on the main user interface, and flexible routing allows for serial or parallel filtering.
Noise generator with Color knob that controls low frequency cut.
Following the filters, two amplitude modules allow you to pan and align the sound with a controlled ADSR envelope.
Powerful dual LFO for modulating oscillator, filters and amps.
Both LFOs have separate controls for tempo, attack, delay, retrigger and waveform, which includes triangle, sine, random and square waves with pulse width control.

✔️ Installation
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