Bogren Digital IRDX Core v1.0.277 VST3, AAX x64 [10.01.2024]

Dynamics of IRDX Core speakers
Bring guitar amp simulators and cabinet impulse responses to life.
Simply add IRDX Core after your guitar amp or IR loader plugin and discover natural movement,
The 3D feel, slightly jagged edges and unpredictability that previously could only be achieved by recording real
guitar cabinet at high volume with microphone.

Description To be continued
IRDX Core is a unique plugin. It does NOT load impulse responses, but can be placed after any amp simulator or IR loader to add natural-sounding speaker dynamics. This kind of dynamics can only be achieved by blasting a large speaker cabinet at incredibly high volumes.
In any main DAW, run the IRDX Core plugin in the insert slot that immediately follows the IR loader plugin or guitar amp simulator that includes a speaker cab model.
You can use IRDX Core to enhance any such plugin except Bogren Digital plugins. That’s because all of our amp simulation plugins already have IRDX technology built-in!
An IR loader or any other brand’s guitar amp plugin will sound better if it’s followed by an IRDX Core.

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