Caelum Audio Tape Pro v.1.3.4 VST3, AAX x86 x64

An unusual tape processor update!
Tape Pro is a multi-effect audio plugin that has a module for each audio characteristic of a tape. The first of these in the signal chain is the “Saturation” module, which contains 6 saturation algorithms with control of hysteresis, asymmetry and residual magnetization. The variety of distortion types is a valuable creative tool for shaping exactly the rich sound you want.

The Response module uses 21 selectable impulse responses from 11 different tape recorders to recreate their signature sound:

Cassette Type 1
Cassette Type 2
Cassette Type 4
Worn Copi Delay
New Copi Delay
Mod SA812
Master TM15 Master
Micro-Cassette 1.2 cm/s
Micro-Cassette 2, 4 cm/s
Semi-professional RB77 7.5ips
Semi-professional RB77 15ips

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