At CARP Audio, we’re committed to redefining your creative process with unique, cutting-edge
audio software tools that fit your fast-paced workflow.
We create tools that simplify the art of complex audio manipulation through
user-friendly interfaces and algorithms that are tuned by ear.

✔️ Included plugins

  • APM Live v1.1.2
    Automatic universal mod wheel.
  • Krossbow v1.1.1
    The dynamic processor you’ve been waiting for.
  • Mono Pusher v1.1.6

    A new dimension for your monophonic sound.

  • Octapus v1.1.2
    An excellent octaver that makes your sounds massive.
  • Reeferb v1.1.7

    Automatic reverb automation tool.

  • Resonote v1.1.3
    Unlock the musical potential of resonances.
  • Stereo Pusher v1.1.6
    Dynamic stereo field manipulator.