Eldorado: Legato bowed guitar is focused on capturing the most lyrical part of Ebow applied to the electric guitar.
The result is an inspiring, expressive and fun-to-use instrument that will give you hyper-realistic results and, thanks to its combination of pads and legato, keep your hands on the keyboard.
El Dorado: Legato Bowed Guitar has been sampled with the utmost care to preserve the musicality in every sample so you can achieve the most live performance needed for compelling results. It also includes pads that have been processed in a variety of ways to best accompany your guitar melodies.

The user interface offers plenty of options when it comes to adjusting your audio. It allows you to automatically switch transitions between pads using the motion knob so you can enjoy playing with both hands, you can also perform traditional transitions with CC of your choice, select different filter types for the pads, modulate filters with LFO, apply various effects and much more.

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Key Features
Expressive and versatile legato with realistic results.
Fast results with superior quality thanks to the master patch.
An inspiring and fun tool to use.
Excellent modulation capabilities to add movement to sounds.
Quickly access a combination of convolution and delay reverb to create sounds as ambient as you want.