Recognizing that many users were discouraged by the potential complexity of a multiband compressor, Devious Machines set out to create a plugin that could redefine the possibilities. The result, Multiband X6, aims to make multiband dynamics processing more accessible and enjoyable, while delivering the full feature set and sound quality required by serious audio professionals.

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There are three different compression modes to choose from: Smooth, Crunch and Punch, each of which is said to have its own musical character and provide varying degrees of aggressiveness, with the latter adding a slight saturation to loud peaks. Devious Machines says that while the multi-band X6 is capable of producing sounds associated with iconic compressor designs of the past, its sonic palette expands much further and is capable of creating its own unique, modern sound.

The wide range of options promises to make the plugin a versatile processor that excels at everything from leveling vocals and creating drums to adding finishing touches to subgroups and entire mixes.