Devious Machines Texture 1.8.15 VST, VST3, AAX x64

Part FX plugin, part synthesizer. Texture synthesizes new layers that track the dynamics of your sound.
Want to glue your hi-hat transients together by adding dynamic, filtered noise? Or how about boosting your bass drum by automatically adding a low sine wave?
Texture makes it simple, intuitive and fast. With Texture, experimental musicians and sound engineers will have a huge range of effects at their disposal.

✔️ Extras. information
Over 340 sampled, granular and generative audio sources on board Import samples and play them back in detailed loop mode
Extended envelope with attack, hold and release controls Double filter for quick formation of the selected texture.
Independent equalizer sections for wet and dry signals. Source-specific synthesis controls include saturation, pitch, density, and octave.
Modulate Texture controls and filter cutoff using LFO and envelope signals.Tune the response to the original signal using a sidechain filter.
Compress Texture audio using limiting and boosting.Global control of Texture level, Mix level and Master.
Intuitive user interface

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