Realphones software helps you get accurate headphone monitoring you can trust.
Note: Headphone profile not included.
Launch Realphones and immerse yourself in sound:
Feel like a professional sound engineer in the studio. Use all its features to create great mixes.
Improve the quality of your mixes with precise monitoring with Realphones:
Choose from four professional recording studios for your work.
Try how your music sounds on home devices, in cars, cafes and concert venues without leaving your place of work.
Realphones includes emulation of 10 different environments and more than 30 professional and home speaker systems.
Thanks to the research we have been conducting since 2015, we have developed a complex multi-stage headphone measurement technology that provides highly accurate results. Realphones currently supports more than 200 popular headphone models. Correcting the frequency response of your headphone model will allow you to hear linear sound with minimal coloration.