Fracture Sounds Petrichor Earthy Woodwinds by Dan Keen (KONTAKT)

Experience contemporary woodwind performance with a unique, textured woodwind ensemble recorded in collaboration with composer Dan Keane.
The 6-piece ensemble of saxophones, clarinets and flutes provides an earthy and intimate sound ideal for emotional scores.

✔️ Runs in full retail version of Kontakt 7.0 & above

✔️ Additional information
Petrichor combines a unique blend of woodwind instruments performed in a modern style, taking into account the features of film scripts. The Low Winds ensemble consists of bass flute, bass clarinet, bass saxophone and tenor saxophone, while the High Winds ensemble includes alto flute, clarinet, alto and soprano saxophone. Both types of ensembles can be played individually as separate patches, or you can combine all the keys into a combined Ensemble patch.
The instruments were chosen specifically for their airy and warm characteristics, which are enhanced when played in the specific articulation styles selected in this library. The wide range of tones of these woodwind instruments and the emotions they evoke make them ideal for adding texture and nuance to any score.

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