Fuse Audio Labs VREV-63 Surf Spring Reverb v1.0-TCD 1.0 VST, VST3, AAX x86 x64

The VREV-63 is a stunning reincarnation of the legendary tube spring reverb of the sixties: the godfather of the surf guitar sound! The rattling sound of this mysterious box connected to an amplifier has inspired countless reggae, dub, garage, rockabilly, jazz and spaghetti western artists. Enjoy incredibly long and inspiring sound effects!

✔️ Extras. information:
Reverb intensity and time are set using the Down control, which determines how much the input signal drives the springs. The tone control allows you to restore high frequencies to the desired degree of brightness. A fundamental yet switchable part of lush sound is the famous high-frequency tone absorption effect resulting from authentic tone emulation and mixing circuitry.

This includes a C10 condenser mod for a deeper, richer sound with reverb, easy switching between the NOS 6K6 and the hotter 6V6, and a choice of three different spring reservoirs. And by the way, enjoy turning up the reverb all night long without destroying your precious equipment!

Time has proven that on synthesizers, vocals, strings and many other instruments it sounds different, beautiful and inspiring… just take it for a ride, the springs are calling!

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