Guitar Pro 8.1.2 Build 37 x64

Guitar Pro is a program, a sheet music editor, designed for creating, editing and listening to guitar tablatures and sheet music scores, which has a powerful built-in MIDI editor, chord builder, player, metronome and many other tools useful for guitarists (and not only).
Guitar Pro lets you edit scores and tablature for guitar, bass, and ukulele, and create backing tracks for drums or piano. This is the most thorough yet user-friendly tool for musicians who want to get better at composing or just playing along.

✔️ What’s new in Guitar Pro 8:

Arobas Music has released an updated tablature editor, Guitar Pro 8. The new version has separate audio tracks with recording capabilities, a guitar pedal emulation section, and expanded tablature customization functions.
According to the developers, Guitar Pro 8 has become the largest update to the tablature editor since the release of the sixth version of the program. In addition to the ability to record scores and tablature, the editor has a number of features that bring it closer to a DAW.

The main innovation of the update was the appearance of audio tracks in Guitar Pro projects. Thanks to this, users can supplement tablature with audio files. The developers note that audio files are useful for storing the performance of the score, as well as saving accompaniment tracks.

Another innovation that brings Guitar Pro 8 closer to a DAW is the appearance of an updated effects pedal section. Thanks to this, users will be able to more flexibly customize the sound of guitar tracks, creating a unique chain of effects.

The editor has new tools for practical training. For example, users can focus on specific tracks through a separate key. After pressing the focus button, the program will automatically lower the volume of other tracks, leaving only the selected track at the same level.

Users now have access to a visual metronome to help them practice timing. Together with the metronome, the editor learned to fix or change the tempo of individual tracks. In addition to this, users will be able to freeze the sounds of notes or chords on tracks: the editor will continue to “pull” the last sound, allowing the user to practice along a given chord or note.

In terms of editing, the program has learned to change the duration and speed of notes throughout the entire project. The built-in drum kit and percussion channel have their own volume and pan settings for cymbals and drums.

The tablature editor also received a soundbank preview function. Thanks to this, the program will show how a piece will sound with a particular soundbank without the need to directly download it.

In the area of tablature customization, new style sheets have been added, expanding the ability to customize the appearance of parts. For example, you can fine-tune the width of bars and chord grids, the spacing between notes and other symbols, the features of displaying beats and diagrams.

Finally, Guitar Pro 8 has learned to work with doublets, show diagrams of scales and modes, and fingerings of piano parts. According to the developers, the latter allows you to use the editor not only to work with guitar scores, but also with keyboards.

✔️ Treatment procedure:

1. Install Guitar Pro 8 (Do not launch after installation is complete)

2. Place the GuitarPro.exe file and replace it in the folder with the installed program
(RMB on the shortcut on the desktop > File location)

All operations are performed as an administrator.
Don’t use Cyrillic

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